“I loved feeling that I wasn’t alone in my passion for writing.”
— Maureen L.

“Oh, my god, I can’t fit everything I love about this place on paper!
This is my accepting escape, my secret island.”
— 2019 Conferee

“I really loved the moments when everyone could stand or sit together
and just read their work.”
— Alexandra H.

“Here there is overwhelming acceptance of humanity in all its forms.”
— 2019 Conferee

“I loved the caring people at the conference. Every person I met
has been so loving and supportive. The food was good, too.”
— 2018 Conferee

“I liked being able to sit outside and write nonsense
while listening to people singing and playing instruments.”
— Christine K.

“I love how every year I come, I meet more and more
open/like minded people — and I love seeing old friends.”
— 2019 Conferee

“I loved the community feeling and the support everyone received.
I learned a ton about myself and my writing.”
— Sophia R.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to exit my comfort zone both in writing and perspective, and of course, connecting with amazing writers and teachers.”
— Nina G.

“Kindest community ever!”
— 2019 Conferee

“I finally found the courage to read a slam poem.”
— Gianna V.

“I liked the people, the stories, and being able
to burst into song without being looked at funny.”
— Maggie R.

“I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be here again.
I think when I came two years ago, it reminded me why I love writing.
This year, it reminded me why I want to be a teacher.”
— Gabby C.

“Community! So kind, so accepting. There’s an energy here
I will carry with me and look for — for the rest of my life.”
— Emma H.

“It feels really good to do the thing you love — all day long —
with other people just like you.”
— Sherlyn S.

“Here there is immersion in the power of the word,
the power and vulnerability.”
— 2018 Conferee

“I love talking with the writers one-on-one.
I learned a lot about many cool people.”
— Tyler O.

“I learned a lot about how to be proud of my work.”
— Lily C.

“There was no judgment.”
— Ariana B.

“I love the people. The supportive environment makes you feel
so, so loved, and the conference is like one giant hug.”
— Catie S.